Tobacco Display ban – EXPOTUTTO have SERVERTAB

The public Health Act of 2008 imposes restrictions that ban the display of tobacco products. According to this Act, the ban will be fully effected in 2015 April. As a compliance measure,Expotutto Group has come up with a Servertab.

A Servertab is an overhead/elevated cigarette dispenser, that is fully in line with the requirements of the Public Health Act 2008.The dispenser is quite spacious and can be used conveniently at stores.

In the real sense, Expotutto is trying to help traders to secure a new space from where they can conveniently sell their tobacco products while compliant to the law. At the same time, traders will have a platform where they can place digital adverts.

Expotutto Company is here purposely for traders. Therefore, if you are a trader, do not relax until the regulators coerce you to comply with the new tobacco display law. Instead of incurring losses when the law becomes effective, Expotutto brings on board proactive arrangements and adjustments to mitigate such hiccups.

Expotutto’s solution is efficient, innovative, and cost effective and in fact, no other alternative solution matches what Expotutto are offering to traders. The Servertab from Expotutto allows customers to have a pretty clear and transparent view of the cigarettes, compounded by an eye catching and neat arrangement, therefore triggering impulse buying and hence increase in sales. You can get the impeccable assurance from Expotutto that all this arrangement is done in a way that complies with the law to the latter.

Servertab has been designed by Expotutto company with reference to the requirements of the tobacco display ban. Servertab is therefore presented by Expotutto to all the owners of convenient stores as the only sure way of complying with the Public Health Act of 2008.

The big question is “are you are trader?”; “are you wondering what will happen when the law on tobacco display ban becomes operational?”

At Expotutto, your questions are fully answered. It is very simple; you just need to install a Servertab, for convenience of serving your customers without having to raise your curtain all the time you have a client to be served.

Servertab can easily be installed over the current counter that has been in existence in your store or over our Apollo unit, a counter that is of its own kind with incomparable features and flexibility.

In summary therefore, Servertab has many benefits, some of which include but not limited to:
It creates more space on the counter and this encourages impulse buying resulting to increased sales and hence faster return on investment.

It allows natural and smooth movements; thus, retailer’s work becomes safer and easier.

Allows the salesperson to keep an eye on the client, thus discouraging theft.

It creates a new platform on its public side, and this creates a good avenue for the traders to place digital advertisements and their stores and other products that are available in the stores.