Clean room partitions and solutions

Speak about clean room partitions?

Clean rom partition means to clean or format the given sector or partition in the permanent storage device. The permanent storage drive in this case may be the hard disk or the storage device of a tablet or phone with an android operating system.
There are various partitions in the ROM and cleaning this partition may result into different results. We have the boot partition which means cleaning the android kernel and also the ram disk. It is important to note that the device will not work or boot if it does not have this partition. This boot partition should only be done if necessary and once done, the user should install a new boot partition before using the device.

clean room partition
We also have the cleaning of system partition. The system partition contains the Android operating system. The operating system comprises of the Android Graphic User Interface and all the applications that run in the device. Cleaning this partition will remove the Android OS from the device. However, you should not that the device will still be able to boot and hence enabling the user to put the phone or the tablet into a recovery mode when he or she wants to install a new ROM.
You may also want to do the cleaning of recovery partition. This partition may be cleaned if need be especially when the user wants to use it as an alternative boot partition. You clean this partition when also performing advanced maintenance and recovery operations on your device.
Cleaning of the partition may also be done on the partition that contains data belonging to the user. This data may include the messages, settings, contacts and even the applications that the user has installed in the device. You can clean this partition by simply doing the factory reset and the partition is wiped out completely. This cleaning restores your device into its initial state before custom ROM installation was done.

Those with ideas about the internet probably know about the term cache. It is also a partition in the ROM. This partition contains data and application components that are frequently accessed on your device. This means cleaning this partition simply wipes all the data in this partition but the data accumulates and builds up again as you continue using the phone or your android device.

The last cleaning of ROM may be done on the miscellaneous partition which contains the miscellaneous settings which are in the form of off/on switches. This partition is very vital and if it lacks one or more features of the device, it may not function well.

When doing the cleaning of the room partition, you should be careful which partition you are cleaning and the consequent expected. This is because cleaning of vital and important partitions such as the system partitions, boot partitions and even the miscellaneous partition in the rom may result into complicated problems and the device temporarily being dysfunctional. This is more so if the user is a starter and does not have the knowledge on how to install a new rom to reuse the device