Shark raw helmet

The Shark raw helmet

You do not want miss watching John with his elegant and his sophisticated motorbike that he rides on a given race. He appears to be the most popular Gp rider that has been rated in three consecutive years think one of the things that make him excel well in the race is shark raw helmet that he wears during all the race that performing. Last year he did the scope all the four trophies contested in different events.

The most exciting part with his performance is that he starts the lace with a low pace but eventually he emerges to be the winner of races. One day realized while I was watching the race that he wears a different helmet labelled Shark raw that appears to be different from the rest of his opponents. The helmet he wears seems to be designed with different styles that make his sophisticated love him also I realize that these shark helmet had different appealing colors and also attractive as for instance when he is racing it is much easier to recognize him. Still on design on the shark helmet he was wearing one could tell that the material used to design it was best and that is why he could maximize his performance because he had comfort all the time.

I did manage to interview him and he could say that his choice to shark helmet was all about the design and material because it could employ all the amount of aerodynamic that would reduce lift and drag at high speed. He also explained that adequate ventilation is not solely about comfort, in some situation some toxic that exhaust strong fumes could make their way through your helmet, it is impossible to lock out smoke fumes, the helmet is designed to allow air in and flash out the fumes. The ventilation cycle in the helmet also enable users to have a clean and balanced flow of air in and out the helmet, air circulation around the user’s head prevents sweating and enhance visibility. With high regards of the importance of air for the helmet users, the helmet ventilation system is designed in a manner where the user can regulate the air circulation in and out of the helmet; this is among the different features that the rider chooses the Shark helmet.

Moreover, he could explain that things made him have a choice with Shark helmet is that you look for comfort padding, with solid ear seals, well positioned roll on neck and lack of any protrusions that may source to uneasiness.

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